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Rocket Alarm Clock

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It’s usually so easy to roll over to the side of the bed, hit a button, and fall back asleep for another few hours, isn’t it? Of course, if we’re successful, we have to explain to our boss that the reason we’re 45 minutes late this morning is because we “slept in,” right? Our kids have the same issue we do… usually worse. School isn’t exactly the most exciting place out there. They have to listen to people tell them what to do, be there by a certain time every weekday, and… well, that sounds a lot like work. Can’t we all sleep for another hour or two?

Perhaps this problem could be solved if there were an alarm clock that didn’t stop blaring its sound until we actually got out of bed.

This Rocket Alarm Clock is the perfect solution for any young space explorer who has trouble getting out and about in the morning. The clock counts down (NASA-style!) before your kids are scheduled to get ready in the morning. When it hits zero, the rocket shoots itself off of the launch pad, out somewhere in their room, and the alarm doesn’t stop until the rocket has been placed back on its base. Bonus points if it hits them in the head; that would certainly wake them up!

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