Rockin Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Rockin’ Tooth Fairy Pillow

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Remember when you found out the truth about Santa? That he didn’t fly from house to house cramming his fat gut down chimneys, throwing presents under trees, and there was no “HO HO HO,” sleighs, or Rudolph? Were you angry? Betrayed? Shocked? Appalled? Did you denounce fairytales, curse the cast of Sesame Street, and become a Dead Kennedys-loving agnostic before you were 10?

If you nod to a few of these, then (a) you rule, and (b) apologies to you cause Snuffy and Cinderella are super cool and you’re totally missing out.

Santa unveiled was a bittersweet blip on our childhood timeline, revealed to us too young, too soon. Though it did prep us for the next all-mighty truth-rockets of revelation: the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy. Especially the Tooth Fairy. Whenever I lost a tooth and put it under my pillow, it would always be gone and replaced with money. It was amazing. I mean, how’d it get there? Then I found out and blamed my mother for years (not really).

If your own Dead Kennedys-loving little punk is wiggling their teeths away, then a Rockin’ Tooth Fairy pillow (complete with tooth pocket for easy teeth-for-money transactions) is the way to go. Custom made with 100% cotton fabric and hypoallergenic filling for extra pillowy-softness, the Rockin’ Tooth Fairy by ultra-creative Etsy designer RockerByeBaby features a anarchist punk tooth design on the front, and the best-looking mohawk on a punk rock tooth that I’ve ever seen. This way, when you lift the curtain (even though you don’t have to), their punker ‘tude and anarchist spirit will help cushion the blow.

Here’s some great songs with anarchy in the lyrics/titles!
Baby, I’m An Anarchist, so deal with it.


Let’s eat anarchy


  1. GiseleA1A

    I…wanna be…Anarchy…and also plaque free.

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