Roll ‘Em: 10 Awesome D20 Products For Kids

Who doesn’t love rolling dice? Treat your kid to a unique gift that every RPG player yearns for, D20 inspired products.

dice d20 9 of them

Dice, the ultimate low-fi random number generator. They hold the power to determine one’s fate in a fictional life-or-death situation. They’ve destroyed armies, aided in the creation of heroes, determined the outcome of casting spells, and helped to avoid the outlandish rent on Park Place because your greedy friend built a hotel there. Yes, these geometric wonders help shape the classic gaming experience.

Many of us started out throwing the standard six-sided die. What I like to call “rolling the cube.” But the first time we felt like a real gamer was when we held a D20. No one forgets their first time rolling a D20 while playing Dungeons & Dragons. Twenty sides, twenty different outcomes. How could a mere mortal design such a magnificent polyhedral? Now you can bestow the magnificent icosahedron upon your offspring. Think of it as paying homage to the gods of chance. May your natural criticals be plenty.

jumbo foam d20

Jumbo Foam D20

Your kid is going to love this magnificent 20-sided foam dice that can be rolled around the house. Your pets might not approve, but the fact that you can use this as a math aid to explain statistics should overrule the family dog’s wishes. Great for the little ones, big ones, and mom & dad.

20 sided spinner

20 Sided Spinner

When you think of D20s the classic representation of the dice comes to mind. Well, this is a new era where it’s okay to bend the rules. Check out this nifty spinner which is actually useful, unlike all those other annoying trendy toys. Perfect for older kids that have fidgety hands. Spin the wheel!

d20 patent print

D20 Patent Print

For those kids that love RPGs, but are looking for something more sophisticated than a picture of a dragon to hang on their wall. These patent prints are awe-inspiring. You could even pair it with a Magic the Gathering one. Don’t worry this prints come in a bunch of different colors.

d20 removable necklace

D20 Removable Necklace

How about wearing D20, do you have can these 20-sided dice be worn as charms? Absolutely, check out this necklace from TlbsCraftations’ Esty store. The D20 is easily removable, and comes in different lengths. Also, each order comes with a whole set of different sided dice.

20 sided plus 10 pillow

20-Sided Plush 10″ Pillow

This plush D20 is the perfect little throw pillow for your child’s bed or even your couch. We’re not sure how functional it is when actually trying to roll it, but who doesn’t love a giant soft dice. Yes, you can find these in different colors, but you’ll have to do some serious searching.

crit hit t shirt

Crit Hit T-Shirt

For those kids that are closer to bards than warriors, this adorable t-shirt will slay their hearts. Nothing says I love you like purchasing a D20 shirt.

d20 dungeon and dragons keychain

D20 Dungeon and Dragons Keychain

Getting those first set of keys to your house are a big deal when you’re younger. It’s an empowering tools that unlocks a deeper responsibility that you can feel proud of. Those keys also give your child the ability to publicly disply their personality and what they love to their world.

cow inside a 20 sided dice

Cow Inside a 20-Sided Die

Yes, folks, you read that right, someone took a 20-sided polyhedral die and stuck a miniature painted cow inside. Why did they do that? I have no idea, but this is the perfect stocking stuffer for your little gamer fan. Not too mention, how awesome it would be for a young dungeon master. Moooo on over regular boring dice.

magic d20 ball

Magic D20 Ball

Remember growing up and always wanting a prophetic Magic 8 ball? You’d spend hours at the store asking it questions as a little kid until all the bubbles clouded the tiny window. Now, you can give your children the power of the magic ball, but instead of short answers, this ball just gives you a number between 1 and 20. A perfect roleplaying prop for those really tense filled rolls.

HD d20 dice blue iridescent

HD D20 Dice

Sometimes the best gift is simply more D20s in various awesome unique colors. Etsy seller RavenGameComponents are here to deliver four fantastic die to your doorstep. Check out their Rainbow D20, it’s so beautiful. These are just regular 20mm-sized D20s.

gold metal 25mm edgy d20

Gold Metal 25mm Edgy D20

As your kids get older and become teenagers they will probably get edgier. They’ll start to think things that offend people are cool. If you’re not careful you’ll end up with a troll or, god forbid, a child that watches those lame prank videos on Youtube. You can prevent this and one way to do that is trying to act cool yourself, but be warned many parents fail hard here. Instead, simply go the subtle approach and purchase these gold metal D20 with profanity on them.

d20 surprise candle

D20 Surprise Candle

For older kids that don’t like to play with fire, this D20 candle makes the perfect gift. You can choose from a large array of custom colors and scents to really add something special to an already cool gift. These candles are 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, but the best part is what is found inside. Once the candle has melted down and gone out, your child will find a D20 trapped inside. What a unique gift, right? Just don’t let them burn down the house.

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  • Hey! Thanks for featuring my dice flower. As a gamer girl myself I know that gaming isn’t just for dudes. I’ve been in continuous pen and paper rpgs since I was 14 years old (and I’m almost 28 now). That’s a lot of Shadowrun, D&D, Warhammer, Starwars, and that one game of Rifts we still don’t talk about.