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Roller Derby Dolly Plush

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The talent and technical proficiency used in roller derby depends on the person that wears the skates. If you’re uncoordinated and fearful, chances are you’ll probably be rollered to the ground….repeatedly; but if balance and fearlessness are what move you, you’ll be the one rolling as opposed to the one being rolled like a cheap burrito that its maker never bothered to wrap. Because to be a roller derby participant means to be free of fear, and to be free of fear means to be without worry, and to be without worry means to see your opponent and take her to the ground and skate on her face emphatically while crazy music plays overhead.

First established in early 2000 as an all-female grassroots movement in Austin, Texas, roller derby– a highly competitive contact sport where its players name themselves as crudely and creatively as they please– quickly evolved. By 2005, there were 50 organized leagues and approximately 425 leagues inside and outside the U.S. in places like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Roller Derby was an unofficial phenomenon around the world. The spirit of roller derby was also captured in 2009’s, Whip It as an attest to the ever-growing popularity of the sport. Directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Ellen Page (Juno), the film centered around a misfit indie-rocker from Texas who discovers the miracles of roller derby as a way of coping with the crappy town she lives in.

And whether you also live in a crappy town in America, or you live in a place that isn’t considered crappy but is crappy to you, roller derby could be the vice you’re looking for. As a music-loving mom who loves to kick ass, there’s nothing that compares. And to ensure your little gal also travels the roller derby road later in life, giving her one of six Roller Derby Dolly Plush toys by Etsy designer, Stephanie Longoria, will instantly make you her role model (if you weren’t already). It’ll also show her that female ferocity is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it’s covered in skulls, fearless as a lion, and named Hellen Killer or Courtney Shove. You don’t mess with women like this.

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