Room Decor For Your Budding Metalhead


Oh kids. They so often have a hard time keeping stuff off the floor and in its proper place. Sometimes it’s just easier to throw it all on the floor. Musicians — especially kid-musicians — are some of the worst offenders. And the worst of the worst are aspiring guitarists, who treat their instruments as if it were the plastic prop from Guitar Hero.

Thankfully there’s a product that provides slacker mini-rockers with an official spot to place their guitars, while simultaneously lighting it up on their bedroom wall. Talk about rock star treatment.


Introducing the Light Your Guitar Wall Mount, a back-lit guitar holder that safely holds up any ax and lights up the wall, creating an atmospheric mood pleasing to any young musician. Its sturdy plywood structure is capable of holding an acoustic or electric guitar, and the attached rope light comes with its own on/off switch for easy access (maybe to light a path that will help your kids maneuver around their dirty bedrooms). Though the guitars are sold separately (boo!), the admiration and joy your child will feel upon seeing their favorite instrument presented as as a piece of art is totally included (yeah!).

Once you’ve gotten the guitar (literally) off the ground, it may be time for a new bed cover. And what better to keep a metal god exhausted from rocking (and cleaning his or her room) cozy than a Ride the Lightning blanket?


With the Ride the Lightning blanket, featuring the classic album cover art from Metallica’s 1984 metal masterpiece, the mini-headbanger that holds the future of the genre in their wittle baby hands will be wrapped in a piece of metal history.

Though we’re probably not apt to see a cover of Lulu on any blanket in the near future, the mighty titans of thrash offer up one of their most acclaimed and well loved albums from their long discography in blankie form for kids to curl up, suck their thumbs and gently fall asleep in — to the wailing of 20-minute guitar solos. Scenes like this would make even James Hetfield stop and scream “Awwwww!” But in a total Hetfield kinda way.


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