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Roomie Rag Dolls

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Most of the time, children’s toy makers aren’t considering the style of your home when they develop loudly colored, gigantic, plastic toys. As a result, your lovely living room can quickly turn into a place where neon pink dollhouses and canary-yellow toy pianos compete for space on the coffee table next to your grandma’s Tiffany lamp.

Remember when this was your home too?

Good news, it’s possible to provide your child with a fun time without having to sacrifice your living space. Roomie Rag Dolls are unique, huggable, and — believe it or not — may effortlessly blend into your sofa or armchair. Available in soft tones, these floppy dolls can take the place of accent pillows or sit on a shelf and actually add character to a room. Each Roomie has its own personality — choose Silly Sally or Chubby Bobby (a British Bobby in uniform) — and sports Elfin hooked black boots, the better to hang them to a laundry line for clever, safe storing!
The Scandinavian-designed dolls stand 13.8 inches tall and are made from 100% cotton. The best part is that each tells its own story, and children will have a great time dreaming up new scenarios for their Roomies.


  1. Lisa

    I am trying to figure out the name of the Roomie rag doll you have in this picture. Do you know it?? Thanks

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