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It’s not easy to make friends, doubly so when you’re a new parent with all sorts of baby-related responsibilities and (hard as it is to admit), triply so when you’re nerdy as well. That’s not a dig: we’re all nerds here – and proud of it! – but the fact of the matter is that hours spent writing code and Dr. Who fan fiction don’t always lend themselves well to socialization.

The RSS “Feed Me” onesie can help. It’s like a flag that you push in a stroller while walking through the city or in the park – a signal for other nerdy parents that you are one of them, and that they are welcome to start up a conversation regarding their favorite blogs and news sites, especially if they’ve got a little one themselves.

Of course, the shirt works on a couple of levels: on one hand, you’re announcing your enthusiasm for RDF Site Summary as an speedy and efficient means of keeping up on your favorite info feeds. On the other hand, babies are tremendously consumptive creatures with stomachs akin to ravenous sarlac pits. On still a third hand, you’ve got an easy, clever, attractive means for setting up play dates with the children of parents who will be able to speak intelligently to you about Gawker, Slate, and Slashdot.

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