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Ruby Gloom

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The scene opens and we’re treated to a slideshow by our sad friend Misery, who is lamenting the history of her forebears. She comes from a long line of disaster-ridden individuals, and shares her family’s presence at the sinking of Atlantis, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, the great earthquake of 1906. Or alternately, we open with the foppish Poe, a monocled crow, sharing a soliloquy focused around the word “Whilst.” These are the days of Ruby Gloom’s life.

Be prepared, this short-lived television series (good television never lasts long) is going to be addicting as soon as you start watching. The episodes feature rock operas, tributes to Shelley’s Frankenstein, and oodles of quirk. Ruby herself, whose goal is to maintain the equilibrium of this mansion filled with freakish misfits, is absolutely adorable. (You might wish you could dress like her–with bright red spiky hair, striped leggings, and some amazing eye makeup). However, the mass marketing trend didn’t reach Ruby Gloom — so if you want to mimic her, it’s DIY all the way! This cartoon won’t just appeal to you, kids will be drawn in by the unusual color schemes, music, and dialogue. The only bad thing about Ruby Gloom might be that you’ll never be able to stop singing the catchy theme song (and, of course, the limited availability of the DVDs). But that’s a small price to pay for a kids’ cartoon this awesome!

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