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Would you trek across the desert to save someone you love? Deceptively simple, yet oddly addictive, Run Roo Run is an iOS game about a mother kangaroo whose joey was unfortunately kidnapped, and is now on a chase across the Australian desert to get him back. Developed by 5th Cell, the creators of Scribblenauts, Run Roo Run is another enjoyable mobile title for players of all ages.

At its core, it’s a one-touch game that tasks players with avoiding all sorts of obstacles one would find in the Australian outback. Run Roo Run has the kangaroo protagonist leaping over pits, cacti, sharp rocks, spiny brush, and more. The controls are simple, since the mother roo will move from one end of the screen to the goal, and all the player has to do is jump to avoid the pratfalls. While the game is easy to pick up and learn at first, there is some replay value in the later challenge levels that require some strict timing.

At first it may seem overwhelming that the game includes over 400 levels, but since each of these levels are relatively short, it takes less time to complete them than one might think. It’s also great for mini-gamers on the go who may only have a limited amount of time for fun (need a quiet car ride to school?); the levels serve as bite-sized pieces of playtime. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone here in Run Roo Run, and for its price, you can’t go wrong with 5th Cell creation.

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