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Safety Pin Bracelets

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Ever since Richard Hell split the seam of his shirt, the safety pin has been the hallmark of punk fashion. It is a tiny symbol that encapsulates the ideas of the movement: anti-establishment ethos, creative self-reliance, and a look that makes the feint of heart cross the street to avoid you. Your kids may not be old enough to have nose piercings where they can conveniently store their safety pins, but they can still create a style all their own with this versatile tool.

With this kit from Klutz (a company that started out as a few dreamers selling juggling lessons on the side of the street), which includes a design book, safety pins, elastic cord, and beads, your spawn can turn the everyday safety pin into customized jewelry. The designs in the book will teach technique that your lil’ punks can modify and build on. In the process, they will learn the importance of making their own clothes and accessories, in the spirit of DIY and as a symbol of their individuality. Making safety pin jewelry is a challenging and rewarding hobby for a kid, and your future rocker will enjoy putting together the jewelry as much as they’ll love wearing it.

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