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Sassy Rock Star Guitar

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Movin’ and a shakin,’ jumpin’ and a jivin,’ that’s the life of rock stars when they’re too small to communicate. You can only say ‘’goo-goo’’ and ‘’ga-ga’’ oh so much before it becomes entirely too boring, ya know? It makes more sense to whack a few pots and pans with spoons and wooden utensils; all the great musicians of our time probably did this themselves. Whether or not their parents fed into that love with the gift of a glossy toy drum set or a novelty guitar is something that can be answered on any ol’ search engine; if, in a few years, your child’s rock and roll fantasies come true, your method of encouragement will be right there, when they confess how you gave them their first 6-stringed love.

In order to rock, no baby should be without The Sassy Rock Star Guitar: a brilliant instrument for the brightest little music lover. Geared towards itsy-bitsy babies, The Rock Star guitar is filled with a slew of famous children’s songs with a rockin’ twisteroo that will engage its listeners and maybe even let the Led out every-so-often. As an interactive and developmental gift, your next-best-thing-to-Hendrix not only learns the fundamentals of growing up, they also take on the fundamentals of music. Before you know it, you’ll be asking for an autograph.

Maybe your kid will play as well as this little guitar virtuoso some day:

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