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Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits

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Kids and Saturday morning cartoons go hand-in-hand, and the overly-sized bowl of Pixy Stix (aka cereal) representing a nutritionally-sound breakfast has always been a delicious side dish. Ever since television was introduced, these three things have become a staple amongst the young, relating the elder baby-boomers with the kids of Generation Tech (that can’t relate on any other level besides this). Although programming has changed throughout the years, the excitement and anticipation of a Saturday in the AM has not. Kids continue to rise and shine well before their parents, and feed themselves inappropriate amounts of sugary, processed grains, that would normally get them in trouble if they weren’t as sneaky.

As a homage to the animation of the 70s and 80s, Liz Phair and a bunch of her 90s-alternative cohorts have joined together on one compilation album featuring their covers of famous cartoon theme songs. A talented group of musicians from the past twenty years have sought to jumpstart nostalgia amongst kids of that time who were religious viewers of Saturday morning cartoons, while also peaking the interest of younger kids born many years afterwards.

With theme songs from Speed Racer to Josie and The Pussycats, and from Fat Albert to Underdog, sung by Collective Soul, Matthew Sweet, The Ramones, Juliana Hatfield, Helmet, and many more, this is too exciting of a compilation to pass up for any 90s music junkie and a gem in the sea of crappy compilation discs.

To boot, here’s a pretty solid montage of the intros to some of your favorite cartoons from back in the day:

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