Scatextric Star Wars Race Tracks

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Scalextric Star Wars Race Tracks

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Everyone — EVERYONE — wanted to pilot an X-Wing fighter after watching Luke take out the poorly-constructed Death Star with a single, well-placed shot, and zooming out of there to safety. Maneuverable and quick, the X-Wing was many a child’s first exposure to fantasy spacecraft. That, and the TIE Fighter used by Darth Vader and his sinister crew. They were just as easy to whip around planets, but they were flown by the bad guys.

Well, how about the chase through the forest on speeder bikes? Levitating motorcycles fast as rockets flew around trees, boulders and Ewoks; who didn’t want one of those? Everyone got in on that action, good guys and bad! Can you imagine how fast you could get to school or work with one of those?

Now you and your padawan can relive interstellar dogfights and high speed forest chases with two different Star Wars-themed race tracks. Choose from either the TIE Fighter versus the X-Wing Fighter version (see video below, ages 4 and up), or the Speeder Bikes (pictured, 5 and up), whichever will bring your kids the most fun. The twelve feet of track is easily assembled, and fits into a play area slightly larger than 4 feet by 3 feet. The coolest part: winning means knocking your opponent off the track! Don’t worry if your tot is very young, two speed settings allow for more controlled racing, which means every age group can play.

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