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Schnurpfel Pony Threading Toy

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You can’t afford to buy that country estate with a pony just yet, so keep slaving away for the man, saving up those pennies for a down payment. In the meantime, entertain the kids with a pony toy.

Ok, so it isn’t a real pony, but if your kids complain about getting this awesome Swiss toy, then they don’t deserve a real pony, do they? Anyway, real ponies smell…and they require a badass amount of upkeep. Nobody wants that responsibility, and you also can’t just flush a pony down the loo when it dies, too. See, the benefits of not having a real pony are getting greater and greater.

So this little pony toy. It’s called the Schnurpfel Pony Threading Toy and it was designed by Fredun Shapur—you know the man, he designed the Fredun Shapur Playsack. The Schnurpfel-Pony is much better than placing a sack over your head and playing in the woods, though. With the Pony, kids learn how to thread the fun way, with each pony coming with 3 different colored cords. Go for a wacky zig-zag threading pattern or give that pony a sassy punk rocker mane. Kids will enjoy learning new skills and improve their concentration with the Schnurpfel-Pony, but best of all, while they’re playing with their new toy, they’ll totally forget about nagging you for that real pony.

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