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Schoenhut 6-String Guitar

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Novelty guitars for kids are designed more for show than they are for tell, at least in a generalized sense. But Schoenhut’s “Next Generation” 6-stringed guitar is anything but a novelty item.

This instrument is made with the mentality that future guitar players would benefit from banging out chords on a quality-designed, hardwood guitar with steel strings which is sleek in style as well as in playability. The guitars’ cherry red and jet black exterior, tightly designed body and wooden fretboard adds much more dramatic effect than the simple look of a plain, wood-colored guitar. The pronounced curvatures also enhance its sound note-for-note, and provide the perfect amount of resonance to make every melody your child plays sound sweet and delightful. Mini-Hendrix’s learning these six-stringed professional-style instruments are luckier than other kids whose parents sadly bought them a Harmony. Boo!

Speaking of Hendrix, maybe for all those lady rock stars out there who (like the boys) want to look cool on stage or wherever it is that you, little one, decide to play, wearing something like this might enhance your overall playing experience. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner hippie, because lord knows you’ll grow up with Simon and Garfunkel and end up listening to and playing music exactly like Dying Fetus.

For all parents looking to buy their children an instrument that’s pretty much awesome sauce through and through, don’t hesitate, buy them a Schoenhut before it’s too late. Did you like that? I’m a super rhymer.

You’ll be able to graduate them to electric in no time.


  1. Ryan

    Schoenhut rocks!

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