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Schoenhut Child 5-Piece Drum Set

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Why the drummer of a band is often regarded as the dummy of the group is without rhyme or reason. It’s a baffling concept, one that can only be followed by saying that Animal was a fricken’ drumming genius, as was Ringo, and there was nothing that suggested a lack of brain cells in either of them. Apart from little things that can be forgiven such as Ringorama and primitive outbursts from taking figures of speech too literally, they’re both influential musicians who are no dummies behind a set of drums. What about that Neil Pert fella? As annoying and pretentious as prog-rock is, no one can deny his sheer brilliance in Rush or his commanding of the dozens of cymbals and kick pedals without making it look difficult. Seriously, drummers rule! They’re talented, smart, rhythmically inclined, and generally cool people to know. Kinda like your wee one, right? Yes!

Getting your kids behind the 5-piece drum kit from Schoenhut is guaranteed to make their rock star dreams come true. This high-quality, red and black instrument-of-assault features the same parts that Neil Pert-style drums possess, but a tinge more simplistic and a heckofa lot easier to play. Complete with hardwood shells to prevent instant damage-by-drumsticks and chrome-plated steel hardware to take the beat from their feets, do not take the advice of the website and encourage your child to start a “boyband” with these drums. This is horrible advice, horrible! The Schoenhut drum set was specifically designed for the playing of rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll, and not intended to help resurrect a time period in the early 2000’s when N-Stync (or In-Stynct, as they have been for years), and The Backdoor Boys were a big deal. That should NEVER have happened. Never.

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