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Schoolhouse Rock: 30th Anniversary Edition

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When viewing Schoolhouse Rock 30 years after the fact, chances are it won’t be as outdated as you might think. Sure, the animation may not be as fancy as the CGI extravagance of every movie and tv show out there in the current landscape, and “I’m Just a Bill” may not be as polished and produced as the songs on Yo Gaba Gaba. But Schoolhouse Rock is devoid of creepy children’s show hosts in orange, spandex pants, and that’s pretty cool.

Maybe the songs don’t feature famous musicians ALL the time, but Schoolhouse never needed any of that showoff-y arrogance to maintain themselves as one of the best television shows for kids (aside from Big Bird, Snuffie and the rest of Sesame Street’s memorable cast). That’s because the number one goal of the Emmy Award-winning kids’ series was to teach the importance of education. And education has never been outdated.

What Schoolhouse Rock did for younger kids growing up in the 1970’s and early 80’s (from 1973-1984), was teach them the fundamentals of vital subjects like grammar, American civics/history, science, and multiplication, things that even adults still find a bit confusing. The 30th Anniversary edition, 2-disc DVD package comes complete with EVERY Schoolhouse tune created like “Conjunction Junction,” “Three is A Magic Number,” “ I’m Just A Bill,” “Electricity Electricity,” and a brand new song about that mysterious, controversial place called the electoral college: “I’m Gonna Send Your Vote To College.”

Having your child learn a plethora of different subjects in less than 20 minutes is a fine reason to expose your kids to a classic show that has somehow NOT lost its relevance even 30 years after the fact. So take a break from Dora and Gabbery Jabbery and pop in a Schoolhouse DVD.

Here’s a sneak peek of Schoolhouse’s newest song which explains it a lot better than most poli-sci books out there:

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