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Schoolhouse Rock Rocks

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So this is kind of a genius formula: take old-timey Schoolhouse Rock songs like “I’m Just A Bill,” and “Unpack Your Adjectives,” give them to really amazing 90s alternative bands to interpret in their own way and have them contribute to a kids CD compilation/borderline mixtape for wee ones.

While there’s no Counting Crows on this list of unbelievably cool grunge-era talent, there is Blind Melon. Blind Melon’s lead singer, Shannon Hoon, was the embodiment of nineties-style rock and had an unwavering knack for producing songs that even the hardened of hearts, the punkest of punks, most gothic of goths, or hickest of hicks, could appreciate. These folks would totally love the albums Nico and Blind Melon, predominantly more so when the band coverd “Three is a Magic Number.” They’ll deny it up and down and across their blackened hearts, but through the white makeup, the truth will reveal itself.

Aside from Shannon and friends, late 80’s and early 90’s bands/performers like Pavement, Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Daniel Johnson, & Biz Markie all contribute solid covers of the classic tracks. Some late-to-the-game, post-grunge-era bands like Better than Ezra, Ween, and Astro-Man and in-betweeners like Bob Dorough and Friends (no idea), Chavez, and Goodness, cover the most rocking versions of of School House Rocks’ unforgettable hits. Grunge babies: direct your parents to the internet. It’s time that they start buying cool stuff.

Oh, how I loves me some Hoon:

And some Johnston:

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