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Science Fair Music Album

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Music albums for the younger crowd are always a mixed bag. No two kids have the exact same tastes in music, so tracks that might appeal to one kid might not be at all interesting to another. There are usually two solutions to this: an album that targets a specific demographic, or a compilation album featuring many different artists. Science Fair, a techie-based album that encourages young girls to explore the power of science through music, manages to be both.

There’s quite a variety of music styles represented on Science Fair; though many of the tracks aren’t generally high energy or driving, that ends up being a good thing. Many of the songs are upbeat and catchy, though there are a plenty of chill, flowing tracks thrown into the mix for good measure. A fair amount of the songs have a folk feel to them, and there’s even one rap track by a young female artist.

The music in Science Fair is often symbolic of different kids’ themes, such as growing up, or learning about new things. Your kids will become attached to these songs, and best of all you won’t want to detach your ears while they play their favorites over and over. That’s a win-win situation if I ever saw one.

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