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Science Girl Print

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If there’s anything we can do to reinforce a desire for kids to try out chemistry and conduct experiments, we should grab onto it and not let go. The knowledge we impart to our young ones is crucial. After all, if we don’t find ways of getting our children excited about science, who is going to develop the advanced cryogenics that will freeze our fragile old bodies to travel through space? Who is going to make sweet laser blasters? See, science is important.

To help foster their education, consider this Science Girl poster for your your nerdling’s bedroom (provided they at least have a passing interest in chemistry). The poster shows kids that science can be fun, and you should give it a try.

Take Science Girl, for example. Look at her, holding that test tube with silent confidence, despite the fact that there’s clearly a chemical reaction taking place within it. That’s a girl who knows her stuff, and isn’t afraid of a bit of hands-on chemistry. If this little lady is okay with a full-on grasp it must be completely safe, or she wouldn’t be doing it. Or would she? Even so, I’d be putting a clamp on that thing before using my hands. Who knows what kind of experiments kids could be cooking up?


  1. MarMar

    Science Girl looks pretty awesome. she should get her own TV series too!

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