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Science! Print

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Geeks are not timid – okay, we’re timid after a fashion. We’re not usually big on rushing out and joining the football team when we’re in high school, a lot of us are poor public speakers, and for most of us, it takes for-ev-er to ask someone on a date. But we make up for our wallflowering in other ways – we’re deeply passionate about our hobbies, we’re quick to debunk lies and superstition, and we learn like the world is going to run out of knowledge before we get our fill.

Science and scientists are the same way – mild-mannered lab coat jockeys at a glance, but when you scratch the surface, you find a manic explorer of reality. This print captures that spirit perfectly. You may ask: why are his eyes different colors? What’s he doing with those test tubes? The answer is right there, as plain as day: SCIENCE!

Also: Heterochromia Iridum – look it up. Better yet, look it up with your kids!

This print is available in several sizes, from the small 8×9 to the whopping 28×34. It’s made of durable matte cotton rag paper, and would make a great addition to your junior chemist’s laboratory, or a great gift for your favorite science teacher.

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