5 Ways to Have a Nerdy New Year’s Eve With the Kids

I’m going to be honest with you: while New Year’s Eve should be one of the most exciting nights of the year, just the thought of it exhausts me. In past years, NYE meant big crazy parties or the odd year camping on the street so we could wake up and watch the Rose Parade […]

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Nerdy ‘Night Before Christmas’

My grandma used to read “The Night Before Christmas” to me a few times every holiday season, usually at my impetuous demand. We both loved it, and I can still hear her voice reading it. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. It’s even been said that the poem by Clement Clarke Moore (which was […]

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Our Favorite Nerdy Pajamas

It’s that special time of year when the family finds themselves having more and more jammie time together. The kids are home for the holidays, and Mom and Dad, if they’re lucky enough, have been stealing a few leisurely mornings in their comfiest footie jams. Christmas’s unofficial uniform may as well be PJ’s, and if […]

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The Princess Bride Illustrated

The Princess Bride Illustrated Version (Need We Say More?)

I asked for the illustrated version of The Princess Bride for Christmas, and NerdyWithChildren said, “As you wish.” My copy of The Princes Bride growing up looked like it was stored under the sink in a bathroom at a rest stop. It was well-loved, well-worn, and well-stained. It went with me to Ireland and saw […]

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Are The Powerpuff Girls Back?

It’s been eight years since the last new Powerpuff Girls episode aired, and I’m still trying to put my finger on what it was about that show that made it so dang awesome. Was it the quick and dirty one-liners, a la Rocko’s Modern Life? Or was it the disturbingly hilarious lineup of villains? The […]

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5 Great Science Gifts for Kids

The gift of science may not be for everyone. Kids who don’t like to touch things, ever, should probably stay away. Kids who never ask questions about anything would probably be more into a sweater or something. And kids who are totally bored by electricity, explosions and rainbows? Forget it. If your kid doesn’t fall […]

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The Guardian Princesses Don’t Need Princes to Save Them

Once upon a time (in 1937, to be exact), the slender, perfect-skinned Snow White became the first Disney princess. Since then, Disney’s become much more than a household name. Little girls everywhere look to Disney princesses as models of femininity, but are we sure these are the women we want our girls to become? In […]

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Make it a DC and Marvel Comics Holiday

Holiday truces are certainly not unheard of in the world, so we’re going to force DC and Marvel to occupy the same space of the Internet just for a little bit. You DC and Marvel guys can get along for 300 words, right? The nog’s over there and your presents are under the tree, have […]

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Is Your Home Ready for a Robot Pet?

Since we first started making robots to do stuff for us, we’ve had an undeniable cultural fear of robot takeover. Sure, robots might soon take some of our human jobs, but that means more robot-making jobs, right? I think it’s time to look at the sunny side of advanced robotics. Or at the very least, […]

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