Let it Snow With These Great Geeky Winter Toys

Just because I grew up in California doesn’t mean I can’t imagine how great it would have been to play in the snow all the time. I mean, we had sand, but throwing a sandball at your friends usually meant big trouble. The only thing around to rinse a big gritty batch of sand out […]

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Nerdy Socks Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Ah, the mysterious and undeniable power of the nerdy sock. The silly sock is the best way to sneak a little personality into an otherwise boring outfit, and is a great gift for anyone. If someone doesn’t like a fun pair of socks, you should definitely squint your eyes a little and carefully consider who […]

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Easy Upcycled Succulent Planters to Make With the Kids

You done yet, winter? You just got here (actually, you technically won’t be here for another couple of weeks, but the crazy weather would suggest otherwise) and I’m already jonesing for those first daring little flower buds to poke through the melting snow. Because I’m sure we’d all really love to get some green growing […]

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5 Rules for Finding the Perfect Nerdy Diaper Bag

When baby’s first born, they come into the world completely unimcombered. But somehow along the way, they get bogged down by a bunch of stuff. Every trip out the door requires a checklist like the one you used to use to go on vacation. Bottle? Books? Diapers? Pacifiers? Then, driving away from the house, “crap! […]

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Introducing Kids to Programming With ‘Sam the Subroutine’

Fair warning: I know nothing about programming. I’m pretty sure it involves lots of brackets and slashes, and I had to Google the word “subroutine” for this article. So for all intents and purposes, if your kid hasn’t been taught anything about programming yet, we’re on the very same level. I can say as a […]

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Embracing Chilly Weather With Ice Crafts

I know it’s not technically winter yet, but around here the last orange leaves surrendered their posts weeks ago. Nature doesn’t care how long you want the fall to last, it’s hell bent on delivering winter early with full gusto. Personally, I’ve moved past the complaining about the cold phase (why did I ever move […]

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Zombies Attack Mainstream Toy Shelves

There’s just something about zombies that have always made them the black sheep of the horror world. They should be scary, right? They’re kind of gross sometimes (remember that scene in The Walking Dead where a bit of the little girl’s zombie scalp came off when her dad brushed her hair? Gross.) But most of […]

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How to Bring Magic to the Playroom with Fairies

  Princesses? Too romantic and helpless. Barbie? Too materialistic. Fairies, however, are the perfect playroom companions. Mischievous, independent, benevolent and magical, fairies know how to have a good time. Why not surround your kids with a little fairy dust while they play the day away? To get some design ideas, hit the books. What is […]

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Nine Necessities for Nerdy Newborns

You’ve just spent seven or eight months stockpiling a stash of regular newborn necessities like a year or two’s supply of diapers and a zombie apocalypse survival kit for your new little fam. But what about the other necessities? Isn’t life about being nerdy? Do you really want your kid to start out without a […]

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LEGO Space Will Properly Introduce Your Kid To Science Fiction

Space, was the final frontier back in the 80’s. I remember it well. Movies like ET, Star Trek, Star Wars and ¬†Aliens made us fall in love with the black unknown. Most of you probably watched the Challenger disaster live on television. We all wanted to go to Space Camp. Not too mention getting “Astronaut” […]

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