It’s Time To Introduce Your Kid To The Last Unicorn

Do any of these faces look familiar? If they do, chances are you were a young girl growing up between the early eighties to mid-nineties. And that’s awesome. Why? Because The Last Unicorn is making a second round in popularity right in time for your kids to fall in love. Like The Princess Bride, it’s […]

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Princess Bride Graphic Novel In Stores Now

Every so often, I have to write on a topic where it becomes difficult for me to not dissolve into a mess of sticky, nerdy joy. Sorry friends. This is going to be one of those articles. The Princess Bride was my princess movie as a wee nerdlette and earlier this week, Disney, who seems […]

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Doctor Who T shirt

Get Ready For The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

It seems like everyone today is obsessed with Doctor Who, and with the 50th anniversary coming up, why shouldn’t they be? Theaters all over the country are bringing the man himself to the big screen next month, and here at Nerdy With Children we’re getting in the spirit of things by offering a chance for […]

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Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom Based On The Hobbit

  The second Hobbit movie, Desolation of Smaug will be out next month and I will probably not be able to contain my excitement for much longer without exploding into a nerd super nova. The movies are geared towards ages 10 and up, but the book is slightly more kid-friendly, so kids of any age […]

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Theming Your Nursery With Your Kid’s Favorite Anime Decor

Earlier this week, I wrote about choosing the right anime for your kids. If you did your homework and watched every single film and show on that list, then you’ve no doubt fallen in love with the work of Studio Ghibli and want to furnish your entire home in adorable forest spirits. Well, settle down. […]

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The Best Manga Titles To Buy For Your Kids

Manga is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of comics. But the manga section of your local Barnes and Nobles can be a confusing place for a parent, especially if your little one has older siblings or friends who are manga fans. I’ll confess, when I was a kid, I got […]


Choosing The Right Anime For Your Kids

When you think of anime for kids, it’s easy to get stuck on the mass-produced craziness of shows like Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh– you know: cheap storylines, a billion episodes, and hundreds of dollars worth of collectible crap. But that’s not all there is to anime. Like many Western animated films and shows, they can […]

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Classic Horror at the Toy Store

To cultivate mini horror fans at home, you’re going to need to begin (or continue) their classic monster education. Rustle up some popcorn and introduce them to Boris Karlof’s Frankenstein (then, if they’re old enough, Gene Wilder’s Young Frankenstein.) Sneak in some Bella Legosi as Dracula and round out your introductory course with Claude Rains […]

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The ‘Ghostbusters’ Legacy Lives On

As a parent, it’s pretty important to have priorities. Around here we like to believe that you have to clothe and feed your kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you used to enjoy. Just because there seems to be very little time between pasta cooking, dog walking, diaper changing […]

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It’s Never Too Early to Learn About Anatomy and Physiology

As a kid, I remember thinking that my heart looked like a Valentine and was located somewhere near my left armpit. When left to their own devices, kids will make up what they think they know about the human body, and then will silently carry around those fallacies until they’re (hopefully) corrected at some point […]

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