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Scribblenauts Plush 2 Pack

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Scribblenauts is one of the most creative and interesting games to come out in the last decade. I’ve seen kids flock to this game the moment they set eyes on it. There’s no other one quite like it, because the general idea is to create whatever you can think of to grab stars in the puzzle-like levels. Need an airplane to fly over a mountain to get the star? You can do that. Need a pink, obnoxious, talking teleporter to another dimension to get the star? You can do that, too. While the game is clearly targeted at kids (it’s cartoony and light-hearted), I found that I got just as much enjoyment out of the game myself.

The main character of Scribblenauts is Maxwell. He is easily identifiable by the red chicken-like cap he wears. Your children probably have little difficulty identifying the fact that he’s joined by a Tyrannosaurus, because, well… it’s a Tyrannosaurus, and one of the requirements of childhood is to be obsessed with the small-armed dino. Your kids can use Maxwell to grab stars, or use the T-Rex for the same thing they likely used him in the game for: eating anything in it’s path.

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