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Sea Creatures Playing Card Set

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Does your child enjoy learning about the ocean? Does she stare at fish tanks? Is Shark Week, on the Discovery channel, the biggest event in your household of the year? Then you need to check out Go Fish Sea Creatures, featuring 36 different creatures that live below the surface.

The cards allow you to play four games including; Rummy, Go Fish, Snap!, and Crazy Eights. The set includes; sharks, walrus, dolphins, whales, and much more. Your little one will not only get to collect different sea creatures, but also learn their names in Spanish. Of course each card has a big color photo of the animal.

These cards will place your child on the path of either becoming a marine biologist or a card shark (pun intended). That means you’ll have a genius or a very lucrative gambler. That’s a win – win in our book. All joking aside, it is important to encourage your child’s interests. With these cards, you combine learning with an entertaining family bonding experience.

By the way, do any of you remember Jabberjaw? It was a cartoon from the late 70’s, but they re-ran the season in the early 80’s. Jabberjaw was like the “special”, human-friendly cousin of Jaws.

Here’s the intro to the show.

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