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Sea Creatures Pop-Up Book

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Whoever invented pop-up books was a genius. While there isn’t much that beats reading a bedtime story to your child, pop-ups have that certain something that makes reading all the more exciting for your young one. The interactivity level of seeing larger-than-life representations of all sorts of interesting creatures and places can be incredibly fun for the nerdlings, and this Sea Creatures Pop-Up, written by Sally Hewitt and illustrated by award-winning artist Chris Gilvan-Cartwright, is no exception.

Sea Creatures displays many fascinating underwater creatures of the deep, all of them popping out of the page in vivid color for your child’s entertainment. The aquatic creatures in this 12-page, full color hardcover book include a shark, giant squid, devil ray, viper fish, sea dragon, and a lion fish, all of them beautifully decorated and mesmerizingly detailed.

We can’t always get to the zoo; sometimes we have to bring the animals home with us. So, the next time you need a story that brings to life all the wonder and discovery of underwater creatures, look to the Sea Creatures Pop-Up book.

When you’re done with the pop-up book, Here’s some footage of real sea creatures in Antarctica courtesy of BBC America:

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