Seriously Stylish Eco-friendly Wooden Toys


I’m pretty proud of us. You, me, and the rest of the world are making the little changes we can to hand our kids the world they deserve. We recycle, we walk and bike to work, we make wise food choices. Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of reducing our footprints. What are your kids toys made of?

I’m not saying it’s easy to avoid plastic kids toys. But if we can keep cheap, broken toys and excessive packaging out of the landfill, let’s do it.

One way of reducing the waste we put out each year is to get kids quality toys that last and are made as naturally as possible. Getting your kids guilt-free toys doesn’t mean anyone has to make sacrifices, though. These toys are awesome, and they’ll last forever.



Automoblox cars are made with wood and plastic, but hear me out. They’re engineered to be heirlooms, so your kids, and possible even their kids, will be enjoying these for a very long time. Automoblox feels that it’s better to have one great toy than 10 cheap ones, so they’ve made these beautiful toys incredibly tough. The wood is polished with non-toxic lacquer so it won’t be easily scratched.

Egg and Yolk Wooden Toy Camera


The Egg and Yolk Wooden Toy Camera has interchangeable lenses that attach with magnets so kids can have a mini DSLR just like their photog parentals. Kids can practice getting the light just right behind the petal of a flower or (heaven forbid) taking selfies in the mirror.

Personalized Wooden Bowling Set


This mini wooden bowling set by Etsy seller hcwoodcraft is made using wood, beeswax, and non-toxic paint. If your babe was born to roll, you’re gonna need to get them a matching bowling shirt, of course.

Pretend Food Picnic for Two


This adorably realistic wooden picnic by Etsy seller HouseMountainNatural is making me really want to make some deviled eggs. The set comes with wooden”gluten free organic veggie pasta salad,” with rotini pasta, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and peas, packaged in a reusable container. The set also has two sodas, two egg halves, and two yummy looking green apples. For dessert, three’s two chocolate covered marshmallows and two brownies, which come in a bakery box.

All of the food is hand painted with soy paint and water color wash. They’re then treated with organic olive oil and beeswax. All of the toys in their shop are inspired by Montessori teaching methods.

Plan Toys Musical Band


The wood in the 13″ tall Plan Toys Musical Band is made from recycled preservative free rubberwood and child-friendly waterbased dyes. The drum heads are latex, and the kit even has a metal cymbal. The earlier kids start to pick up some rhythm, the better!

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