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Sesame Street- Rock & Roll

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The longest running children’s television show in history is none other than the PBS monarchy, Sesame Street: a great source of comfort and forever a pillar of many a childhood memory. Even as an adult, when flipping through channels trying to find the latest episode of that show about serial killers, coming across your old friends from the Street will instantly stop you in order to relieve a few moments from when you were a kid. Then you can leave to find your gorey, depressing show about gorey, depressing people when you’re done. But you might just want to leave this particular Sesame Street special on for a while and call in your kids.

They love rock ‘n’ roll (because of you!) and this badass, one-of-a-kind Sesame Street movie is all about that. The Count, Bert, Oscar zee Grouch, Grover, and Chrissy and the Alphabets sing rock ‘n’ roll versions of songs such as “It’s Hip to be Square,” “Count Up to Nine,” “The World is ‘No,’” “Monster in the Mirror,” “Rock and Roll Readers,” and many more (hosted by DJ Jackman Wolf); the songs teach kids numbers, letters, and other little life stuff that only the good muppets from the Street can, as well as introducing young spooky sprites to the traditional sound of early rock. There’s even a muppet Jagger who struts around like Mick does, shamelessly, on stage in front of thousands of people per night. But sadly, there’s no drug-addled muppet version of Keith, which was a great call on Sesame’s part, for they are tasteful.

Take a peek below and watch Chrissy and the Alphabeats rockin’ out in the library:

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