Set Card Game

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Set Card Game

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Mindfulness is a key to enlightenment, or so say many Zen proverbs. Being totally aware of your surroundings, noticing small details – these are the hallmarks of an enlightened mind. But talking about such esoteric qualities is one thing; actually learning to sharpen your mind into a razor’s edge and developing the lightning mental agility of a ninja, those are an entirely different matter.

What better way to give your kids a jump start on their path to enlightenment than with a fun and fast-paced game of cards? Set is a game in which players must match collections of cards from a common pool based on “logical sets” of like shapes, colors, patterns, numbers and shading. Sounds complicated? It is. Add in the fact that there are no “turns” in a game of Set (each player works frantically to seize valuable combinations of cards before their opponents), and you have a sometimes mind-blowingly complex game that will leave you and your kids’ heads spinning. It plays similarly to the classicly frustrating game Nertz, but uses shapes and symbols to make it more accessible to a younger audience.

Chief among the few complaints that consumers have had about Set is that it requires a lot of concentration and “makes your brain hurt.” If anything, these complaints should spur you to put this game in your kids’ hands as soon as possible, so that they don’t grow up with the too-lazy-to-think approach to life that so many people shamelessly flaunt.

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