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Sgt. Pepper’s on DVD

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Not all Beatles songs are as straightforward as “A Hard Day’s Night.” Songs on Sgt. Pepper’s (which at one point Rolling Stone called the most important rock and roll album ever made) don’t always get to the point right away. They weave and loop down fantastical paths that could be analyzed in much the same way as a Russian novel. But as a parent, it is likely that deep analysis of Sgt. Pepper’s has now been replaced by thorough, if not obsessive, readings of Where the Wild Things Are. However, you still want your little pumpkin to really understand what Mr. Kite is all about. What is an exhausted but well-meaning Beatles fan/parent to do? Enter this campy, admittedly pretty bad (but bad in a good way) 1970s movie.

Providing a seminal step in your child’s music education, this movie reenacts all of the songs from this Beatles album so you don’t have to! There is no dialog to drag it down either, save for the narration done by none other than George Burns. Seeing as this movie was made in the 1970s, it covers you on some basic 1970s music history as well. The Bee Gees, Aerosmith, Peter Frampton, Tina Turner, Earth, Wind, & Fire; they are all there. So pop some popcorn (and probably some cocktails), and cozy up for a rompin’ rock opera movie night.

Remember, kids usually dig all that cheese and silliness which adults abhor; I know I loved it as a lil’ rocker!

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