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Shadow the Hedgehog Figure

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Not all of us can have a cushy life. Some of us get the misfortune of being created artificially, beginning our lives in a test tube for the express purpose of taking down some other guy’s arch-nemesis. Shadow is considered the ultimate life form in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but having to track down and rival the person you’re cloned after would put a chip on anyone’s shoulder. While not necessarily as good-natured as Sonic, Shadow isn’t always entirely bad. In many of the Sonic the Hedgehog games Shadow isn’t quite as antagonistic towards Sonic and his friends, sometimes even going so far as to help Sonic, as long as it also suits his own needs.

This Shadow figure stands 6” tall, is highly detailed, and has more than 25 articulation points, to be posed into whichever super-speed pose you could want, making for some awesome playtime. Shadow is part of a 20th Anniversary set featuring many of the characters from the Sonic series, so your little gamer can race him against his nemesis. A great figure for any fan of the Sonic series, Shadow makes an excellent addition to any toy box.

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