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Shark Infested Waters Wall Decal

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Finding ways to decorate your kid’s room can sometimes be a challenge. Painting with solid colors is practical, albeit not particularly interesting, but it gets the job done. Wallpaper can be a fine choice, but it’s a pain to replace, and a child’s taste in décor can change almost by the day. When faced with the ever-changing wants of your offspring, how do you keep a their room interesting, without breaking the bank, or breaking your back with too much work?

Removable wall art. That’s the answer. Decals are a fun, interesting way to plaster a kid’s room with artwork based on whatever they like at the time, and there aren’t many that don’t like sharks. This “Shark Infested Waters” wall decal set (available in numerous colors) features a myriad of different sharks, as well as a few other mysterious underwater dwellers. Also included are dozens of bubbles, which you can place in between the sharks to create the feel of an aquarium or underwater scene. Measuring 21”x28” before wall assembly, there are plenty of sharks in this set to turn any marine biology-loving kid’s room into an underwater adventure. Bring the mysteries of the deep to life with these decals.

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