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Showbaby Fiesta Boots

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“This ain’t my first rodeo, partner.” That’s what you’ll need to teach your toddler to retort, in an uncharacteristically gravelly Mae West voice, when passersby comment on the cuteness of these ridiculously elaborate boots. While they might seem a bit Toddlers’n’Tiaras at first glance, look again. In fact, the design is aiming for Dia De Los Muertos, instead of Rodeo Queen, so perhaps you give her a traditional calacas mask to don as well? Or just imagine them paired with a pair of simple black leggings and a grunge-y plaid shirt. Your little dancing queen will be strutting across the playground, accruing a league of followers who are in awe of her daring fashion sensibility.

Unlike many similar boots, which are supercute but not so functional, these have a flexible, light sole perfect for young walkers, breathable lining, and an adjustable fit for growing little ones. The company, based in Britain, originally designed riding boots for the equestrian set, then expanded to produce these amazing boots available in the U.S. Of course, to pull of such a fashion foray is going to require a bit of spunk, confidence, and attitude–but of course your offspring will have these qualities in spades.

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