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Shower Caddy Octopus

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Does your kid ever wish he had an extra pair of hands when he’s shampooing his hair? One hand for lathering, one hand for wiping the suds out of his eyes, and he needs at least another to hold the shampoo bottle, plus another to scratch that itch.

Your child’s wishes have come true, with a shower caddy that has eight extra arms to hold everything from shampoo bottles and body washes to bath bubbles. It comes from Formverket, a Swedish design company that’s always making weird and wonderful things kids flock to, even in the shower! The greatest thing about this cool shower caddy is something the kids won’t really get, but you will. By having this wonderful natural latex creature hold the bottles upside down, you’re guaranteed to get every last drop out of each bottle—so no more wastage.

Sorry. We know we said the greatest thing about this was that there’s no more wastage, but we were wrong. The greatest thing about the Octopus Shower Caddy is probably the amount of fun you can have with it in the shower—Russell Brand demonstrated this on the Rachael Ray show.

So while the kids think they’re getting something cool for the shower, we all know you really want this one for yourself.

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