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Sid The Science Kid 3-Pack

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Smart kids need smart programming. PBS has understood that for years, and their commitment to excellence in science education continues with Sid the Science Kid!

When we were growing up, we had Mr. Wizard and he was kind of a jerk. Monsieur Wizard would tell kids rudely and pointedly that they were wrong, didn’t get the concept being taught, and that he was always, always right. This is what we had to work with – a old cranky man in a sweater:

Well that was all true, of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that as kids we had to watch other kids on TV who were so scared of this mean old man that all they could do was pee their pants, stammer, and try to finish a poorly explained science project until Mr. Wizard told them they could stop. Now you might say that kids today are soft, they couldn’t handle Mr. Wizard, and that they get things handed to them because they’re coddled and weak.

You’re probably right, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a lot more fun for a kid to watch Sid explain scientific concepts like change, health, and backyard science than to watch kids who could be your peers and classmates get berated by a snarling curmudgeon. If only they knew…

Kids today get this cheerful awesomeness:

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