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Sifteo Cubes Spatial Reasoning Game

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I don’t know about you, but I get incredibly excited when I find products that can recognize and sense each other, even when they are completely separated. It resembles how fascinating human communication can be in the sense that, while none of us are physically connected to any other human being, we can communicate an idea to someone else that they can interpret and understand through sound waves and/or visual cues. Sifteo is a spatial reasoning game that works on the same principle. Each of the three cubes is itself a small, portable computer, and they can be used in tandem to create all sorts of fun games that interact in a way difficult to find anywhere else.

For example, each cube has its own screen, and they interact with each other during puzzles; one might have your child rearranging tiles on a board, then moving those tiles to another cube to continue the puzzle. Another connects different colored blocks together, but the twist is that they can connect between Sifteo Cubes as well. The set comes with 3 free games, but there are dozens more that can be purchased individually. Each unique puzzle game promotes and encourages a different thinking skill, from logic to creativity, to spatial reasoning, and more.

Sifteo is an award-winning game, and an exciting product for any little puzzle enthusiast. It really has to be seen to be believed.

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