Six Bunnies Knows How to Rock Kids’ Worlds


No one strives to be a slob — at least no one intentionally tries to do such a thing. Except children. They have made slobbery an art. Of course, one can enhance a kid’s natural slobbishness by purchasing clothes that enhance their image, giving them a rebellious aesthetic while actually being clean.

If your little one is donning the Six Bunnies Stay Gold Kids Bomber Jacket, available at Beadesaurus, then they’re probably aiming to turn heads and start trends in a rather rebellious way.


Sporting old school tattoo banners like “Go Big or Go Home” and “Born to Play” on each sleeve, and cool tattoo swallows on the front with script that reads “Trouble Makers,” your own little trouble maker will love this pink, black and white one-of-kind jacket. Dude, it comes complete with bunnies and crossbones.

Available for kids from 1-6 years, these “Half-pint Hellraisers” (as it says on the back of the jacket) will not only turn the heads of people who don’t know how to dress themselves, it’ll give them a subtle hint: You can be grubby cool and still be … ahem … clean.

Six Bunnies has a full line of this cool kids stuff, including this half-pint Stay Gold T-shirt.


And there’s killer stuff for mom and dad, too. Really, the whole family can go rebel and still look respectable. Get yer bunny on, so to speak.

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