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Six Bunnies My Mom Rocks Baby Bib

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Once upon a time, in a land that wasn’t too different from here, there lived a family of bunnies who knew how to rock.

There was Daddy Rocker Bunny, who rocked around the clock for a living and paid the bills by shredding guitar chords and pounding cymbals; Baby Rocker Bunny, who rocked her own brand of rock n’rollery by rocking the rattle to 11; and then there was Mother Rocker Bunny, the most important member of all and the rocking-est queen of all the rock scene with a voice that could sink to the underworld and rise as easily as the sun–which, coincidentally was also the greatest rock star in all the mother rockin’ world.

Yes, The Hares were indeed the biggest rocking entity in the entire alternate bunny universe. Magazines, newspapers, and soda advertisements presented the fearsome bunny foursome as the greatest source of music to grace their furry ears since Bun-E Step crashed and hopped away a few years back. Now The Hares were the number one band in the universe who rocked and rocked and frequently blew houses down (at least those who lived in straw houses, anyway), and plastered anything and everything in alternate bunny universe with their faces. And baby bibs were no exception.

With alternate bunny universe nice enough to share their merch, The Six Bunnies ‘My Mom Rocks’ Baby Bib is a little piece of fiction that your own baby bunny will wear proudly. Featuring an exclusive picture of Baby Bunny Rocker on the front with flying V-shaped guitars, this uniquely rockin’ bib is sure to teach offspring everywhere about how rockingly brilliant their moms truly are. And with a black background and rockin’ white lettering that will emphasize tomato sauce stains and pudding bits in the most rocking of ways possible, never has being a baby with a mom that rocks been so exciting and messy.

So make sure your next purchase is a ‘MY MOM ROCKS’ baby bib and support The Hares and all the rocker bunny moms and non-rocker bunny moms in alternate universes everywhere.

**As The Hares are merely a fictitious story from my oddball mind, it’s hard to find a video to post. So instead, here’s a song called ‘Rock & Roll’ by a band named Rabbit.

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