Skeleton Floor Puzzle

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Skeleton Floor Puzzle

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Individually, the bones in the human body are not very scary at all. Of the 206 different bones each of us have in our bodies, you’d be hard pressed to pick one out of the bunch that instills fear into the hearts of people who witness the sight of it. Why then, do skeletons become creepy when they are all together? We aren’t supposed to fear what’s inside us, instead we’re supposed to learn from it. Fortunately, science has taught us more about the human body than horror movies have frightened us, so we came out alright in the end.

For little ones who haven’t yet been taught the importance of the human body and the structure that holds it all together, there’s the Skeleton Floor Puzzle. The giant puzzle includes 15 unique, soft foam pieces which are safe and easy to handle, so there’s no danger of your kids being injured while using it. Each of the pieces has its name on the reverse side, making it easier for your budding scientists to identify them. Every major bone is represented, helping your kids learn about biology while assembling a fun puzzle. It even measures about the same size as your kids once it’s finished!

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