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Skull and Guitar Pick Necklace

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The biggest complaint from all guitarists (aside from always saying how much the band sucks and how they have to practice more) is how they’re always losing their guitar picks, and constantly going through dozens of them in a week without being able to locate just one. They’re so easy to misplace, and small enough in size to get in between the cracks of wherever, especially when your lil’ rocker throws them into the audience of stuffed animals (or people, if you’ve got one of those savants) at the end of a show. Even budding guitarists are starting to wonder if they’ll ever be a way to keep track of them.

Never lose sight of your pick again ROCK*Kandy Etsy Shop’s Blue Guitar Pick and Silver Skull Necklace; a design for every rocker, big and small, to proudly wear (and cherish) around their necks. This unique pick pendant–complete with cool looking skull guy to freak people out–represents the billions of guitarists in the world who always live life on the edge and have a rockin’ soundtrack for every step they make (and every riff they pretentiously blast through really bad amplifiers). An 18-inch ball chain is included, but you can message the seller for a different length (for smaller necks).

A necklace like this is the key to showing you’re a person who plays guitar, can store their picks and look cool in the process.

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