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Skull & Bones Bag

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When you go anywhere with your child, it’s quite the endeavor. You have to make sure you bring everything that they might need or want, which mainly translates to you bringing everything from the inside of your house to the outside, and gosh-darn you if you forget to bring their favorite binky or blankie, dollie or cookie product. So you really need a sturdy bag that will help you handle your newfound job as a human pack mule. You need something with a lot of pockets and storage space that isn’t too cheeseball-looking or says that you’re over-the-hill, or that you like things of a flowery nature. You need something that makes 20 lbs. feel like you’re holding air and a design that makes you relish in being the “hip/cool” parent of the playground.

Can you believe there’s a bag that does just this? Oh, whatever. No you didn’t. Stop trying to show off.

The trendsetting website for babies is at it again with the Skull & Bay Bones Bag. Babesta’s diaper designer, The Diaper Dude, has come up with his own product of designer baby bag that women, as well as men, can carry around comfortably and also reflect their personality. The skull-stitched, black and gray colored bag comes loaded with zany amounts of perks that ordinary d-bags don’t come with:

-across-the-chest shoulder strap
-padded back for coziness
-3 exterior pockets to put lotsa stuff in
-elasticized bottle pocket
-cell phone pouch
-inner compartment with a zip-closed pocket perfect for storing diapers
-interior clip for your keys…

Whoa. That’s a whole lotta perkaddoodle do’s. So ditch the flower bag and trade it in for some skullage.

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