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Skull Ruffle Tank And Short Swimsuit

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The Children’s Skull Ruffle Tank and Short Swimsuit makes me really resent my mother. Yeah, she bought me bunches of clothes when I was a kid, but nothing ever as cool as this. She basically got the K Mart specials (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Mom, if you’re reading this), or normal clothes from a normal store in a normal mall in Normalville, Massachusetts. So please, Mom, whilst you might be mad at me for outing your bad habits when it came to buying children’s clothes, I’m not blaming you; I’m blaming lack of cool clothing outlets where one could obtain a swimsuit with skulls for their dark little fairy princess who constantly bites the heads off of her Barbie dolls.

Anne’s Boutique on Etsy is responsible for this sudden resentment towards half of my parental unit, while the other half can’t really be blamed (my dad was clueless about what constituted as fashionable, and probably would’ve let me fashion a potato sack if my mom wasn’t around). Specifically Liz Anne, the designer for this shop who’s been a seamstress for the past thirty years, is the one I’m pointing the finger at; because she’s an amazing designer. Not only does she have her own line of clothes, but also makes clothes to order, as well. So if you were wishing there was an adult size of the frilly, skully 2-piece bikini, then you’re in luck m’dear; Liz can do that for ya!! Then you and your little rocker can sport some devilish-style swimwear together, while all the other moms and daughters in their Wal-Mart threads look on with envy.

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