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Skully Mobi Headphonies

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“Awwww! Look at that little skull dude! He’s SO cute! Wait, are you kidding? He’s actually a speaker? Sweet. My little one will love this! They just love anything and everything skull-related. I wonder if I can take the little guy, too. Hmmm, yeah–duh–of course I can. He IS the speaker!” You’re totally going to say this to yourself the moment you click and see Skully, the miniature speaker from Elephant Ears. You’ll be prompted to get this and then be prompted to get your babe their own CD player (yeah, a little antiquated, but people still use them), mp3 player, or (obviously) the device that all music freaks just HAVE to have: the one that holds 2 billion songs and can fit into your back pocket, no sweat. No doubt, you’ll be high and mighty in the eye of the little one you give Skully to.

These Mobi “Headphones” by Elephant Ears are safe, awesome to look at, and make music a lot more enjoyable and listenable to for all the young dudes and dudettes who have them. With a full sound and a series of different buddies to collect along the way (like “Hello Kitty,” “”Koko,” “Purist,” and “Softy,’’ no giggling), the exclusive speaker for tiny rockers comes with way more perks than your average, run-of-the-mill stackable speakers. Also included is a lithium-ion battery with four hours of playing time per charge, a USB charger cord, an audio cord, a clip tether, and the ability to link your Skully with the other Elephant Ears speakers for the optional audio splitter for a maximum, fuller sound. All kids need a pair Skully-licious headphoney music blasters. Hello Kitty just isn’t as cool. No offense to kitties.

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