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Skylanders Giants Starter Kit

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If you’ve visited any toy store, gaming store, or generic retail outlet in the last year, odds are you’re familiar with Skylanders. Hugely popular with kids right now, Skylanders keeps churning out new and exciting toy monsters for use with the corresponding video game, and it’s a match made in heaven for little gamers. There aren’t many things cooler than getting to play with your action figures, then watching them come to life on your TV. Throw in the leveling-up formula, where you can custom tool your characters with abilities to battle hordes of enemies and massive bosses, and you’ve got a recipe for a great experience. Skylanders Giants improves upon this formula to add even more fun to the game, even if it doesn’t change that formula in any particularly notable ways.

The most obvious update are the giants, which like all other Skylanders, are used to bring life to the game portion of the toy. They are hulking beasts, much larger than the original Skylanders, which gives them an overwhelming sense of power. Don’t worry, the original toys have all been bumped up to a cap of level 15, and given new abilities so they match up closely. However, it’s going to be difficult for your kid not to be immediately drawn to the power that these behemoths have. Each of the four giants at release feature new powers, upgrades, and levels with more giant bosses to fight.

This Skylanders Giants package comes with the console game, a Portal of Power, 3 Skylanders figures (including one Giant), a poster, and 3 trading cards. It’s more of the same, but in this case, that’s okay. Skylanders Giants doesn’t make leaps and bounds to the formula, but it sure adds a ton of fun when these big beaters come around.

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