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Skylander’s, Spyro’s Adventure – Starter Pack

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Seeking to combine a love of video games with the inherent obsessiveness of collections, Activision has created a game called Skylanders. Based on the world of Spyro the Dragon, players collect action figure-like… things, that they can then use in the game to duel other players, bots, or play mini-games with.

Basically a peripheral is plugged into the Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3 called the Portal of Power. It looks like a fancy phone charger. The figurines that players collect can then be placed on the Portal and are loaded into the game. Think of it like unlocking a new character in a fighting game, only that you get a physical statue of the character to boot. These statues can be purchased separately from the game for a small price, and then loaded into the game world. A better analogy would be that it’s like buying a new character in League of Legends. In any event, if you want to get your kids started in on the world of Spyro, you’ll need one of these starter packs. It includes the basic game, the Portal, three starter characters, and some other neat collectibles such as trading cards. Once you have this bit, you can expand the game by buying more characters or new adventures (but it can be won with just the starter pack).

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