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Skylanders Wall Calendar

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Growing up, there were precious few methods to display your tastes and interests. Clothes could, sure, but they had to fit, and of course they couldn’t be too expensive. Your lunchbox and backpack were good outlets, but they were dependent on what was in stock at the store. I mean, it wasn’t every department store that had a Thundercats backpack. Shoes fell to the same fate. But the one thing, the untouchable, immutable object upon which you impress your untarnished love and fascination for a person, place, thing, or feeling, was the wall calendar.

Wall calendars have, since the Stone Age, held a niche market in that they cater to every conceivable taste. Perhaps that’s a touch of hyperbole, but seriously. They have a calendar for every single breed of dog. They have zombie calendars. They have calendars with pictures of smoking nuns or images of smoking hot firefighters. As a kid, the wall calendar was the perfect outlet for your inner self, and, not surprisingly, videogames are also to be found amongst the various themes offered. This particular one is dedicated to Skylanders: Giants, the sequel to the wildly popular collector’s game, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. It’s a 16 month calendar for 2013 with pics of characters sporting their respective weapons, some with their official catchphrases. Help your kid stay organized and allow them, at last, a gasp of individuality.

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