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Slicer: The Year Round Sled

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Have you ever convinced yourself that you really missed sledding so much in the summertime that you dug that old sled out of the garage, and proceeded to barrel down a grassy hill faster than you wanted? If you did, you probably ended up with all kind of bruises and a wrecked sled. Despite the best of intentions in the name of reckless fun, sleds aren’t typically designed to go down any hill on gravity alone (though they will, if you force the issue). Fortunately, we have a much safer, and much more practical alternative for your kid in the form of the Slicer.

The Slicer is a year-round, unique sled made by IceMeister that utilizes an abnormal sled design for use during any season. The trick is the bottom layer of the Slicer, where two large ice receptacles harness blocks of ice, slippery against any surface you put them on. The sled itself creates the sliding effect, simulating a snowy or icy surface to slide down any time of the year. Watch your kid freak when they realize the joy of sledding is no longer restricted to snow days.

These ice blocks can be removed during the wintertime, allowing the Slicer to function as a regular sled like any other (and it’s quite effective in snow, too). Instead of having a sled that’s only useful half the time, why not upgrade to a sled your child can have fun with year-round, with the Slicer?

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