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SmartGames Color Code

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Where does abstract art begin? In the nursery, obviously! Some kids are given craft projects from the beginning–asked to make ridiculous handprint turkeys, or egg-carton caterpillars, or (most hideous of all) Valentine’s Day heart-infested cards. But your artist will obviously see beyond the world of throwaway, unoriginal crafty projects. Instead, she’ll spend her time combining abstract shapes, playing with color layering, and understanding the true nature of creativity (and spatial perception!).

Smart Tangoes Color Code game will be an essential tool in her belt, guiding her towards the world of artistry. The game features 18 transparent plates, each with different shapes and designs. When layered, the plates can create designs. Yes, at first, the “game” is to imitate the designs featured on the cards. The challenges get more complex as the game progresses (with over 100 different possibilities). Of course, once your genius masters the technique, their ingenious spirit will soon have them creating their own designs, and asking you to copy them! You’ll both enjoy playing and discovering new ways to combine these color plates. This simple game allows you and your child to discover the notion of pattern-making in a challenging, yet thoroughly enjoyable, way.

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