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Snap Circuits Green – Alternative Energy Kit

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This follow-up to Elenco’s excellent Snap Circuits playset introduces kids to the concept of green energy in a fun, exciting way.

The Americas are seriously lagging behind the rest of the developed world in green technologies. Whatever your feelings are on nuclear, the US only produces at best about 20% of its energy that way, and even less from solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind. Most of America’s energy comes from burning fossil fuels, which are not only in finite supply but also pollute the environment.

Slowly but surely, the world is turning towards green energy alternatives, and that’s good news for your kids! Not only will the air, water, and land be cleaner and more sustainable, but energy growth means jobs – cool jobs in technical fields!

Get your kids plugged in early (yay puns!) with Elenco’s Snap Circuits Alternative Energy playset. The pieces are big, colorful, contain real electric components like wires, resistors and capacitors, and are compatible with Elenco’s other snap circuits sets. There is no danger of electrocution since all parts are safely embedded in thick insulated plastic cases. It comes with a manual for the set and a separate 100-page educational booklet. With 125 different projects, your kids will learn valuable lessons about green energy and electricity distribution as they play, and these skills will form the foundation of tomorrow’s energy pioneering!

(The recommended age is 8+, but would be cool for a interested kindergartner with your supervision.)

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